hey. its eo and this is my

im 18, i was born on dec 1st, '98. now u know when to wish me a habby birthday if u want to
i go by he/him usually or they/them and i prefer masculine oriented adjectives when ur referring to me
im from france and i speak french&english (bad)
as u can see from this website, i have bad tastes and i love it
if u get a bingo on this, that means ur me from now on.
also this website was coded by my pissboy minhyuk kinboyfriend fishy check out their page
i like kpop, shitpost and my friends.

if u click on these pics, you'll be blessed! click.

hey its my main twitter. where im not posting much anymore
thats where i live now. follow me for intellectual onions on kpop
u can send me things here. id love that.
heres my wishlist if u wanna buy me stuff...u never know
highly cursed picture of me
i also listen to music. check out what i listen to.